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Website under construction
Because of the emergency we have prioritized the development of the respirator; this site will evolve in the coming hours and days.

MUR - Minimal Universal Respirator


At this day, the medical world is lacking respirators to be able to work properly and save as many lives as possible.
Since Monday, March 16, we - the Club Sandwich Studio - have been working on the creation of a low-cost and easily reproducible emergency artificial respiration device. We have designed it with the minimum possible material and by promoting the use of components accessible to as many people as possible.
Today, after conducting various tests and presenting results validated by several resuscitation doctors, our device is ready to be tested. Hence, we are now starting a test phase on a test bench with the collaboration of the AP-HP (Paris Hospitals).
Also, in order to face this health crisis together, we are making available on this site the first prototype version of MUR (designed from the equipment we had in our studio/workshop on the day of the containment).
Finally, as this V0 is not yet optimal, we hope that this call for contributions will enable us to find more easily equipment and skills we are lacking.
This V0 is our foundation stone.

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Today we observe :


We keep in mind to keep MUR easy to use, efficient and intuitive.

This is why our specifications are as follows :
Our system is designed to be connected to any air source powerful enough and precisely regulated to provide respiratory assistance to people who need it, without any risk to the patient.

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Here, a link to our settings demo video : MUR DEMO VIDEO (twitch) - (Peertube)

The physical settings available on MUR are :

One MUR is composed of :


Completed with (to power several MURs) :

Documents used for design :


This equipment is currently a prototype IN VALIDATION !
At this stage, do not use it for medical use, and do not start reproducing !
Any exploitation of these documents is the responsibility of the user !
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In the coming days we will move on to the mass production phase:

We also need help in organizing assembly and testing to distributed assembly sites:
Then, we will have them delivered to hospitals in need of respirators.

You can offer help on any of the points listed above (manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, assembly, testing, delivery, other) ?
Please fill in the form with the button below :


Paul Couderc, Arthur Siau, Simon Juif, Antoine Berr - we are 4 associate designers and our areas of expertise are engineering, electronics, embedded software and industrial development located in Paris, France.
By multiplying exchanges around us to know how to help, and how to be helped in return (with NGOs, scientists, doctors, engineers...), a team has organized itself around the project to create these respirators.
This voluntary community is cross-disciplinary (engineers, designers, developers, coordinators, etc) and of various professional backgrounds (military, entrepreneur, freelancers, etc).


Antoine Berr, Paul Couderc, Bruno De San Nicolas, Marie Denizet, Simon Juif, Jean Karinthi, Guillaume Largeau, Thibault Larose, Christian Quest, Sébastien Ravut, Donat Robaux, Julie Rode, Stéphane Rode, Arthur Siau, Margot Smirdec, Solène Touzeau, Stéphanie Vincent, "jeux.sais.faire"
We would like to thanks for their help : Amélie Banzet, Henri Boby (médecin/doctor), Alexandre Bulté (Etalab), Yohan Boniface, Mathilde Bras, Christian Chabrerie (EPITA), Gatien Delerue (EPITA), Dominique Delerue (EPITA), Jérôme Desboeufs, Jean-Pierre Gleyzes, Benjamin Jean, Maud Karinthi (médecin/doctor), Jonathan Keller, Cédric Leroy (Gandi), Cécile Monteil (APHP), Pierre Musseau (Mairie de Paris), Gaël Musquet (HAND), Marion Paclot, Odile Quest (infirmière/nurse), Henri Verdier, Réseau Français des Fablabs, Sculpteo